Nigel Cutts

Coach & Facilitator
Nigel Cutts
Telephone: +44 1483 211 376
Mobile: + 44 7768 067545
Organisation: Love At Work Foundation
Address: Ripley, Surrey
Country: UK
Profile: Nigel runs the Love at Work Foundation which is a centre for the learning and development of human understanding in the workplace and putting love at the heart of business. Why? Because the old world of work simply doesn’t work. It is too head driven, too money driven, lacks any connection between our heads and our hearts and denies our humanity. The foundation's concept is new; the creation of a world of work, that works for everyone, where the head-heart connection is the norm rather than the exception. Love at Work Foundation: makes the connection between head and heart in the workplace re-establishes the connection where it has been lost brings together people and organisations leading the field in this area coordinates and recognise their efforts supports all people and organisations interested in this concept Our Vision A world of work that works for everyone. Our Mission To make deep care and respect as important at work as it is at home. To put the heart back into organisations.
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