Team Coaching- Artists at Work 
Helena Dolny: Penguin

Neuropsychology for Coaches – Learning the Basics
Professor Paul P Brown: McGraw Hill-Open University (Sep 2012)

Observations of a Very Short Man
Nigel Marsh: Allen & Unwin

Inspiring Leadership
Jonathan Perks: FisherKingPublishing

Love at Work
Nigel Cutts: FisherKingPublishing

Closing The Gap
Scott Farnsworth: SunBridge

High Energy Habits
Bill Ford: Pocket Books

Interventions in the Coaching Conversation (Thinking, Feeling and Behaviour)
Dr N L (Sunny) Stout Rostron

Community Education
Lou Mycroft and Jane Weatherby, Trentham Books 2015

Designing Learning Delivery
Lou Mycroft and Jane Weatherby, Sage Publications 2014