Time To Think

Time To Think

Listening To Ignite The Human Mind
by Nancy Kline

This book tells the story of the Thinking Environment. It is woven elegantly with theory, practical sessions, and with results from its use in leadership, in organizational change, in coaching, in team development and in the building of business and personal relationships of stunning quality and depth.

'This book is a stunner.The information that Nancy gives on listening, really listening, is remarkable and transformative.'
David Megginson, Sheffield Hallam University UK

'Time To Think outlines a powerful process of unlocking the knowledge and wisdom within the recesses of our minds. If your brain is the ultimate computer, Time To Think is like adding three times the RAM you're currently using. Every time I've used it or watched the process in action, I've witnessed great increases in thought clarity in even the brightest people.'
Richard Helberg, President, Peter Alexander and Company Inc, USA

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