The Power of Independent Thinking

by Nancy Kline

Does everyone’s independent, fresh thinking matter more now than ever? More Time To Think is a resounding ‘yes’ to this question.

In this graceful, sage, second book in the Time To Think series, Nancy Kline takes you into the heart of the Thinking Environment as it unfolded over the ten years since the publication of Time To Think.

If you long for leadership you trust, meetings you love, relationships you cherish, community you know can work for everyone or the life you really want, More Time To Think can lead you there.

This book is both a good place to start and a superb place to continue your understanding of this important theory and process. Time To Think and More Time To Think walk hand in hand.

‘As we make sense of change in the 21st century, a deep understanding of the Thinking Environment should be part of every leadership development programme. It intrinsically values the contribution and humanity of each person, and drives team effectiveness. Its power is evident in higher quality relationship, as well as in shorter, smarter meetings.’
Rosemary Grant, Stautory Director, Johnson & Johnson Medical UK

‘When you change the way you think, you change everything. In my work and my life the Thinking Environment has made all the difference.’
Scott Farnsworth, President, SunBridge Inc., USA

‘When I observe people activley engaged in a Thinking Environment, I see greater energy, kindness and effectiveness.’
Cathy Duvel, Director, About Learning, Australia

‘The Thinking Environment manifests the elegant simplicity that is found on the far side of complexity.’
Oliver Johnston, Director of learning Developmnet and Coaching, Penna Ireland.