Amanda Livermore Facilitator
Telephone: +44 7919 418218
Mobile: +44 7919 418218

Amanda is a passionate, committed, well balanced (most of the time) and playful individual who contributes her all in service of you.

Amanda believes passionately in people and her natural curiosity means that she strives to understand individuals and is fascinated by what makes them unique. She can adapt her style to suit the audience and subject matter and is consistent in her ability to balance empathy and challenge which means the impact is far greater and further reaching than the interaction itself.

Amanda’s gift as a coach and facilitator, is her ability to hold a space of loving kindness laser-sharp intuition and leaving no stone unturned, no depths unexplored. She goes all the way with you and stays right by your side while making you laugh. I would be coached/”trained” by her if you want clarity, power and insight.
Amanda believes passionately in the benefits of facilitating and coaching to help individuals and organisations become the professional people and businesses they really want to be. To evoke the transformation, they desire in order to grow and develop.

A specialist with over 20 years’ experience in Coaching Facilitating, Design and Mentoring. She has strong communication Skills and is an experienced coach and facilitator with the ability to extract the best from people. Driven by professional enthusiasm with a desire to add value, she works in partnership with individuals to deliver tangible results.

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