Amanda Pelham Green Coach
Telephone: +44 7950 414075
Mobile: +44 7950 414075

Amanda’s professional background includes 12 years’ senior level experience in small and entrepreneurial businesses: she launched three, acquired one and sold one. Building and eventually selling a market-leading organisation prompted her to train as a coach and, in 2008, to launch her own coaching practice, odysseymentor. She has been described as an expert at turning vision into action and says that what drives much of her business coaching is the experience of bringing people alive, supporting them to explore the why of what it is that they love to do and as an Accredited Thinking Partner with Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment challenging them to think deeply for themselves, then finding a way to weave all that into their work life. She works with senior executives who face a sticking point, seek clarity or need to manage transition in the corporate and financial sectors and with SMEs. If I can be a positive catalyst for change and make myself redundant, then I know I have succeeded, she says. Amongst her pro bono activity, she counts working with HERA (Her Equality Rights and Autonomy) on the delivery of an entrepreneurial training programme in conjunction with Imperial College, London; and acting as a mentor with Uprising, opening pathways to power for talented young adults. Born and raised in Scotland, Amanda loves to travel widely and to be in wild places.

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