Andrea Birte Schüeller Facilitator
Telephone: +49 8151 666 119
Mobile: +49 171 319 3372
Address: Munich, Germany

Andrea spent the last 25 years supporting individuals, teams and organisations to become an even better version of themselves. The majority of her time is dedicated to designing and delivering bespoke leadership development programmes that accelerate individual and organisational growth. They are targeted at high potentials in multi-national professional services firms and corporations who are being groomed for broader leadership responsibilities. Any time beyond those assignments is spent coaching individuals or teams and learning from them. Andrea started out as a management consultant, focusing on large-scale change programmes. In 1998 she set up her own consulting, coaching and action learning business, before co-founding Toguna Leadership in 2014 to promote a truly enabling leadership style: it focuses on talking at eye level, seeing individuals rather than judging them and inducing a deep rooted growth mind-set. She firmly believes that knowledge-driven organisations with Toguna Leaders at the helm will thrive as the professionals working with them are free to think for themselves, keen share their ideas and truly invested in their organisation.

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