Andrea Birte Schueller Facilitator
Telephone: +49 8151 666 119
Mobile: +49 171 319 3372
Address: Munich, Germany

Educated as an organisational psychologist, Andrea has spent the last 35 years supporting individuals, teams and organisations to develop and flourish. Her clients are leading international companies, global universities, philanthropic organisations, tech firms and professional services firms – both consultancies and law firms.

The majority of Andrea’s time is dedicated to designing and delivering bespoke leadership development programmes that accelerate individual and organisational growth. Most of them are targeted at high potentials who are being groomed for future/broader leadership responsibilities. Clients keep seeking Andrea out because her own CV shares key characteristics of the career trajectories of her target audience: The first 10 years of her professional life were spent as a consultant, being involved in large scale change projects, such as restructures, mergers, or acquisitions. Having grown up in Japan and Pakistan Andrea delights in working internationally. As an adult she spent very happy years living and working in the UK. 90% of her work is delivered in English to international audiences. Her work currently focuses on all of Europe, the UK, Asia and the US, yet she lives just south of Munich in Germany. One of Andrea’s key priorities when facilitating teams is to ensure psychological safety so that all team members share their insights and ideas without self-editing. This is where her understanding of the thinking environment is most helpful.

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