Andrew Parkinson Coach & Facilitator
Telephone: +44 7983 545924
Mobile: +44 7983 545924
Address: Nottingham

Andrew has been facilitating group learning in a variety of settings since he was 16 years old. He is fascinated by how groups and teams work (or don’t) in organisations and how the organisational context generates behaviour. He has become skilled at helping people to modify that context to create very different behaviour and performance.

He came to learning and development activities for groups and individuals as an operations manager in an energy company and having fulfilled a number of L&D roles since then, he went freelance in 2012. An NLP Master Practitioner, he has specialised in management and leadership training and executive coaching for clients as diverse as BT, Nottinghamshire County Council, Hilton Food Group, Veolia Water Technologies, Rolls Royce and Quotient Sciences.

Andrew has seen the Time to Think approach transform the way that people think and interact, both individually and in meetings. He has found that establishing a Thinking Environment makes all the difference to the quality of thought and the resultant decision making at all levels and across all sectors.

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