Anne Hathaway Faculty (Consultant, Teacher, Coach, Facilitator)
Telephone: +44 208 560 4357
Mobile: +44 7977 160337
Address: Worple Road, Old Isleworth, Middlesex TW7 7AZ

Anne Hathaway has been described as a “walking Thinking Environment”. A chance meeting with Nancy Kline in 1993 gave her a means to explain her own instinctive approach to leadership and a structure to teach it to others. The Thinking Environment model has informed all of her work ever since, in Leadership and Organizational Development, and as an executive coach and Thinking Partner. She has run her own coaching, facilitation and consultancy business since 1992 following a serious skiing accident which ended her corporate career. Her particular interest is creating a culture of Listening in organizations and the impact this has on engagement and creativity. Anne is a member of the Time to Think Global Faculty, giving her access to all the latest developments in this approach, and has taught in Sweden and France, as well as being the tutor on the UK Time to Think Facilitator programme. She also supervises, mentors and assesses the practical work of student coaches and consultants seeking accreditation by Time To Think in the UK. A graduate of Cambridge and INSEAD, Anne brings both an incisive mind and genuine warmth and compassion to her work. Clients speak of events lead by Anne as “like breathing extra oxygen” and of her coaching as “transformational”.

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