Antje Spielbauer Coach & Facilitator
Telephone: +49 6231 615813
Mobile: +49 160 99060503
Website 2:
Address: Rödersheim-Gronau, Palatinate

I work as a mediator, coach, facilitator and trainer in my own practice.

My professional background is in law sciences. I started my professional life as a labor lawyer, driven by the idea of standing up for people and their rights in a fair and respectful way, thereby empowering both people and the affected system.

During those years as a lawyer, I realized that while I am rather passionate, I am not the right person to just see and stand up for one side of the coin. So, in 2008, my path first led me to mediation and training, then also to mediative coaching and facilitation. Since then, I have been particularly interested in the appreciative development of individual and collective resources and potential in favor of strong people, strong teams and sustainable decisions. The basic prerequisite for this and the core of my work is to give people space, to listen deeply, to support connection and trusting cooperation in groups.

Getting to know Time to Think was like “homecoming” for me; my Time To Think Coach and Time To Think Facilitator certifications were logical and transformative next steps. I also see this way of working and being as peace work.

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