Antje Spielbauer Coach & Facilitator
Telephone: +49 6231 615813
Mobile: +49 160 99060503
Website 2:
Address: Rödersheim-Gronau, Palatinate

I work as a mediator, coach and trainer/ facilitator. My practice is located in Palatinate, Germany.

My professional background is in law sciences, I started out as a labor lawyer, driven by the idea of standing up for people and their rights in a fair and respectful way, thus empowering them and the whole system.

During those years as a lawyer, I realized that while I am rather passionate, I am not the right person to just see and stand up for one side of the coin. So, I went into the field of mediation, mediative coaching, facilitation and training. Here I discovered that one of my most fundamental desires next to empowering people is to be a good place, give room and listen deeply.

Getting to know Time to Think was like “homecoming” for me. I also see it as peace work.

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