Aradhana Bageloo Facilitator
Telephone: +27 849 001070
Mobile: +27 849 001070
Address: Johannesburg

Aradhana has extensive experience in the field of learning and development. She has managed teams and delivered across the learning life cycle. She has earned Accreditation as a Skills Assessor, Skills Moderator, Skills Profiling Practitioner as well as a 8-Dimensional Brain Instrument Practitioner.
She has taken senior and lead roles in the field of systems and content training as well as leadership and management training design and delivery. Aradhana is also a seasoned facilitator of exchange thinking and enabler of independent thinking.
Aradhana is passionate about people and believes that business results are dependent on the untapped potential of people.She also believes in the gift of living a life of purpose for herself and all around her, in all that we do.

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