Barbara McMahon Facilitator
Telephone: +1 925-997-1005
Mobile: +1 925-997-1005
Organisation: Center for Transitional Management

Barbara delivers transformational change that maximizes leadership performance and success for leaders and their organizations. She brings over 30 years of professional experience as an executive coach and leadership development consultant to her clients. Her wide-ranging consulting experience includes helping senior level executives throughout the U.S. and internationally. Her specialties include leadership success, team building, resilience training, strategic partnership, transformational change, mindfulness practices, and helping executives in transition.

Barbara keynoted and developed coaching programs for strategic partnering, team building, mindfulness, and strategies for successful leadership. She provides training in various methodologies including Time to Think, Women in Leadership, Mastering Resilience, Mindfulness Matters, Positive Intelligence/Mental Fitness and Mastering Transformational Change.

Her client companies include various Fortune 100 companies including multinationals, government, healthcare, non-profits, education, and start-ups in technology, finance, marketing, and communications, among others.

Based on her expertise in leadership development, Barbara is a contributing author to Fresh Insights to End the Glass Ceiling, by Nancy E. Parsons of CDR Assessment Group, Inc., Marshall Goldsmith’s book Coaching for Leadership, Enlightened Power – How Women are Transforming the Practice of Leadership (Jossey-Bass) and Taking the Stage – Breakthrough Stories from Women Leaders.

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