Béatrice Heller Coach & Facilitator
Telephone: +41 79 426 29 55
Mobile: +41 79 426 29 55
E-mail: mail@beatriceheller.ch
Website: www.beatriceheller.ch
Website 2: www.centerformindfulness.ch
Address: Zurich, Switzerland

Interpersonal presence or honest, interested and compassionate togetherness with people has been an inspiration in my life in all life & work circumstances for over 40 years. As a psychological consultant in my own practice, as founder of CFM CenterForMindfulness.ch, as a mindfulness coach and thinking partner, it is my concern to value people in their uniqueness and to be in a true relationship with myself and others. As a long-term practitioner I feel inspired by the Buddhist traditions and consider Time to Think a wonderful and organic way to listen deeply to myself and others. I’m looking forward to thinking with you.

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