Bev Holden Coach & Facilitator
Telephone: 0845 299 6264
Mobile: +44 7730 571442
Address: Fleetwood, Lancashire

After a corporate career in the Retail sector, in both operational and people roles, Bev co-founded The Clear Thinking Partnership Ltd in 2007. The business works with organisations to help their people to collaborate, innovate and lead more effectively. Bev came across Nancy’s work back in 2004 whilst qualifying as a Coach and having realised the significance to her own professional practice, made the decision to qualify as Facilitator. Bev designs and delivers bespoke development and coaching programmes for her clients and the Thinking Environment now underpins her work with individuals and teams. Bev is keen to positively stretch and challenge people’s thinking. By combining this with a warm and inclusive facilitation style, she is skilled at ensuring her participants fully engage in the learning space and maximise their learning. Bev has a particular interest in working with geographically dispersed teams.

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