Candace Ristic Facilitator
Telephone: +27 83 480 5554
Mobile: +27 83 480 5554
Address: Johannesburg

Candace enjoys finding unique ways of bringing delight & unexpected pleasure to those around her, in both in her personal & professional life. Candace values harmonious relationships and like creating & being a part of strategies that have a high level of reciprocity & a win-win situation

For 14 years Candace has worked extensively in leadership development, Team Leader to Executive level. Candace has successfully negotiated conflict between individuals & teams & is proficient in high level learning & development design. A small area of her work is in Divorce & Family mediation.

The correlation between working on interpersonal & intra personal relationships & increased effectiveness in personal and work life is something Candace has seen both in herself & in her clients. Creating Thinking Environments makes sense to Candace and all of her work draws on the foundations or learnings from her work with Time to Think.

Candace has a working history in learning and development, clothing design & manufacture, and retail. Candace is currently busy with an MBA, and work with a leading Business School as a contractor, working with programme design, coaching and facilitation.

Within these roles I have worked with many clients from industries such as FMCG, Financial & Banking, Government, Construction and IT. My experience is working within the top learning and development companies in SA, directly with clients, and within the internationally accredited Business Schools.

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