Caroline Rowett Coach & Facilitator
Telephone: +44 7875 241027
Mobile: +44 7875 241027
Address: South East London

After a career in retail and training and a ten-year stint looking after my children I redirected my life towards coaching. I was introduced to Nancy Kline’s work by a mentor and as I read her book More Time to Think, on holiday in Zimbabwe (where I’m from), I couldn’t help exclaiming “This is life-changing!”. I trained with Nancy and now coach parents using the Thinking Session to help them overcome challenges, make changes, take themselves and their thinking to new heights and be the person they truly want to be. My belief that my client’s independent thinking is the best tool to ignite change and create empowerment is at the heart of how I coach.

I offer 1:1 coaching in person in South East London or further afield via video call. Please contact me to find out more or to book an introductory session.

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