Catherine Michielsens Consultant (Facilitator, Coach, Teacher)
Telephone: +32 4784 81982
Mobile: +32 4784 81982

Catherine is a Thinking Environment certified Consultant (Facilitator, Coach and Thinking Partnership Teacher). She has been working in Pharmaceutical Industry for over 30 years in different leadership positions working with different cultures. She discovered the Thinking Environment through a Women leadership Initiative program organized by her company and became inspired by the Thinking Environment teachers that guided her and by the Thinking Partners she shared thoughts with over the years. The Thinking Environment has become part of who she is and how she works with individuals and teams. She transformed departments into Thinking Environments by bringing the Thinking Environment behaviours inside these organisations. She understands well the challenges, demands and the complexity of a corporate environment. Applying the Thinking Environment brings qualitative solutions to the business through the independent thinking of its people whenever opportunities arise. She beliefs that listening attentive and not interrupting help people feel included, certainly when these people cannot only think for themselves, yet can think AS themselves.

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