Celine Bousquet Fontaine Facilitator
Telephone: +65 9425 2244
Mobile: +65 9425 2244
E-mail: connect@celinefontaine.com
Website: www.celinefontaine.com
Celine is an ICF PCC certified coach, facilitator, and L&D consultant who has spent over a decade living and working in South East Asia.
Celine has spent her career in Learning & Development for major corporations and renowned professional services firms on multiple continents, assisting professionals at all levels in developing the skills, endurance, strategies, resilience, and mindset required to thrive and succeed in all aspects of life.
For many years, Celine felt that something was desperately lacking in the field of Learning & Development, and that most training programs were falling short of expectations and having little impact, if any, on the learners. It wasn’t until she discovered Nancy Kline’s work on Time to Think during her initial coach training that she realised what it was – creating the conditions for people to think for themselves, do their best thinking, and from that place take appropriate action.
She recognises the enormous potential for this work in the corporate world and is on a mission to disseminate the 10 Components and provide as many people as possible with a direct experience of a Thinking Environment.
“Time to Think is a very effective way for individuals, communities, and organisations to discover, in a matter of hours, that there is another more enriching, gratifying, humane, and respectful way of relating to and being with one another.” 
By practicing the 10 Components, we honour our entire being and invite our best self to the conversation. 
“I’m curious to see where this radical “new” way of being in relation to ourselves and others could lead us as a society if we practiced it more widely.”
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