Charlotte (Lottie) Ryan Coach
Telephone: +1 650 308 4936
Address: Palo Alto, Calif

I am a coach, author and creative director of I coach creative solo entrepreneurs and women living with chronic illness. Though, I support all who wish to take a journey into personal rediscovery, finding your voice and creating a life that is in service to your health and wellbeing as well as the wider world. I offer many opportunities to connect with me and my work through challenges, books, and other resources on my website AND I love to have actual, real conversation to see how working with me 1:1 or in small groups might be of service to you. When I’m not coaching or writing and being mom to my two boys (and one fluffy girl!), I love to travel. Being British but living in California I have the opportunity to do so a lot, weaving my way between the US and Europe always exploring art and creativity in different places. You can learn even more about me on my website.

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