Cynthia Alleyne Consultant
Address: South Wales

Executive and Leadership Coach and Facilitator, Cynthia Alleyne works with individuals and organisations to maximise leadership development. She supports female managers to become strong, confident, resilient leaders who inspire their teams to deliver great results by developing a ???????can do, will sort that out???????? culture.

What????????s coaching like with Cynthia?

??????? It????????s ???????gentle in approach, powerful in delivery???????;
??????? It????????s safe ???????? so clients and teams feel encouraged and brave enough to fully explore their challenges;
??????? It????????s challenging, fun and exhilarating ???????? people are stretched to achieve their goals and things they never thought possible;
??????? Cynthia????????s enthusiasm and wish for people to succeed means that they feel fully supported and confident that they can achieve their goals.
Cynthia????????s approach lends itself very naturally to the Time to Think approach and she has blended the two for the ultimate benefit of the people she works with.
Cynthia has extensive experience of working in the public, education and not for profit sectors for the past 30 years. She is an associate member of the Association for Coaching.
Her qualifications include Executive Coaching Diploma; Foundation Degree in Applied NLP in Personal & Organisational Development; MBA and BSc (Econ) Hons. She is a Time to Think Coach & NLP Practitioner.

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