Daniela Saraiva Santos Facilitator
E-mail: danielassantos@yahoo.com

Daniela has a solid experience creating learning experience for groups and individuals, holding the space for diverse and conflict to happen, managing projects for delivering results. She has been trained as a Theory U facilitator with Presencing Institute, is part of the first trained facilitator group with Deep Democracy and Thinking Environment in Brazil.

Daniela Santos has 15 years of national and international experience working with the nonprofit and private sectors. She started her career in human rights advocacy and training about the international mechanisms for human rights protection, providing support to NGOs in northern Brazil. She works as consultant and process design and facilitation with Reos Partners, organization dedicated to design and facilitate systemic change projects for 20 years and have built up a rigorous set of transformative methods. In Reos, she designs and executes different approaches for systemic change, being part of the team that has conduct the exercise of Civil Society Scenarios (http://reospartners.com/projects/scenarios-brazilian-civil-society/) and Education Scenarios (www.cenarioseducacao2032.org.br).

Daniela was an assistant to the Special Rapporteur for Freedom of Expression at the Human Rights Commission, Geneva. In California, she worked as a community organizer, leading an immigration reform campaign and advocating for school improvements in Latino neighbourhoods. After 6 years of living abrod, Daniela worked at the Institute for the Development of Social Investment (Idis) in Brazil, attending corporate clients such as Avon Institute and Votorantim Metais. She then served as a programme manager for Worldwide Initiatives for Grantmaker Support (WINGS), helping to establish the organization in Brazil.

Working Languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English.

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