Dawn Cordy Coach & Facilitator
Telephone: + 44 1394 278147
Mobile: + 44 7786 575388
E-mail: dawn@cordyassociates.com
Website: www.dawncordy.com
Organisation: Cordy Associates Limited
Address: London and Suffolk based able to work anywhere in the UK & Europe
Dawn is both a Time to Think coach and Thinking Environment facilitator.  Here are some of the testimonials from those she has worked with using the Thinking Environment.  “Dawn, your passion and energy are infectious and your positive, non-judgmental approach definitely puts me at ease whilst igniting my enthusiasm to want to take part and get the most out of the Thinking Environment training.  I like your sense of humour and candid, down-to-earth approach – this definitely inspired trust.”
 “I thought the style, delivery and content of the Thinking Environment training were all excellent and it was great to be able to not only bring our issues into the training to work on but also to have real meetings to run for practice. I also think your adaptability was excellent, changing how the training worked by hosting on Zoom was brilliant, and I think it enhanced the experience.”
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