Deepa Bhat Coach
Telephone: +91 94480 49060

Deepa is an independent consultant based in Bangalore, India. She has been an avid explorer of various approaches and methodologies to help individuals and organizations to live to their fullest potential.

She works with individuals, teams and organizations as a Leadership Development facilitator and a Change facilitator. She helps individuals through a combination of Somatic Experience Practice, Mindfulness Practices and Life Coaching.

She believes that holistic wellbeing and development of individuals occurs at the levels of Mind, Body and Being. In simple words, unearthing untrue assumptions at the level of Thinking, Feeling and the Body would help individuals to truly be leaders in their own lives. Her quest is to explore ways of integrating the principles and processes of Time To Think with the other modalities that she practices.

Early in her career she has worked with organizations involved in social development, focusing on participatory processes in a project cycle, to ensure that all stakeholders have a voice in planning, and implementation. She has also worked in film and theatre production, graphic and fashion design.

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