Dorrian Aiken Consultant (Facilitator, Coach, Teacher)
Telephone: + 82 901 7658
Mobile: +82 9017658

The human factor has the power to make or break the best-laid strategies!
I have had a professional practice since 2005 as a certified Time To ThinkTM coach, facilitator and consultant. My coaching aims at transformed managerial leadership skills through building capacities for powerful relationships and effective application of business skills. My team-based interventions focus on establishing the behavioural competencies for high trust and high performance environments.
Coaching for business survival in the 21st century means coaching for leadership agility “the ability to dance on your feet in the face of change and inspire those around you to give their loyalty, support and best thinking. We are not born with these skills” we learn them. And my coaching experience shows that, yes, you can teach an old dog new tricks!

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