Eli Fumoto Coach & Facilitator
E-mail: come.shine@eli-fumoto.com
Website: http://www.eli-fumoto.com
Address: Bristol, BS7, Avon

We all have unlimited potential. Only our minds set limitations.

Eli Fumoto previously worked as R&D project manager for a multinational pharmaceutical company in Switzerland for 13 years leading global teams to generate innovative products. Her enthusiasm in developing team synergy and helping team members to excel led her to study coaching. She holds a MA in coaching and mentoring from Oxford Brookes University.
The encounter with the Thinking Environment made another momentum in her life. Since then, it is her inseparable partner to follow her passion to cultivate creative confidence in individuals and to develop lifelong learning communities.
Reflecting her Japanese origin, her coaching and facilitation approach is integrative to help people and organizations become a cohesive whole so that they can consistently perform and increase overall wellbeing.

We are all inherently Good and Creative. Coaching and facilitation practices under the Thinking Environment always reminds her of this liberating truth.

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