Farah Gulamhusein

Farah Gulamhusein
E-mail: fahrahgulamhusein@gmail.com
Address: London
Country: UK
Profile: Fahrah considers it part of her personal purpose to empower others to live the truest version of themselves professionally and personally. As such, she has coached inspirational leaders and high potentials in professional service firms for a number of years Fahrah has over 15 years of experience working in professional services as a global people and culture specialist. She believes in adding business value through people priorities and is known for delivering world class products and services to a senior and commercially minded client base. Twinned with her technical knowledge, Fahrah has won international awards for her visual and verbal communication style and has been featured in global campaigns supporting women in her field. Fahrah has a strong reputation for developing individuals and teams by cultivating environments in which people are thinking for themselves and developing a sense of purpose in their everyday work. Fahrah has first-hand understanding of the physical and mental pressures of working in a fast-paced, competitive organisation and leverages this knowledge with her clients. As a mother of two young children, Fahrah is passionate about balance and encourages others to be more conscious about the way they design their lives so that they can experience more joy, light and power in all that they do. Fahrah is committed to challenging her clients about their authenticity at work, so that they are growing and learning in a way that is right for them and does not compromise the essence of who they are. Coaching style Fahrah’s coaching’s style is, at its core, built around trust, empathy and a strong belief that people have the answers they need within them if they are given the right conditions to achieve high-quality thinking. A coaching session with Fahrah is an invitation to relinquish ego and personal armoury and explore a different perspective on life or work. Through active listening and an analytical and structured approach, Fahrah enables her clients to feel invigorated, inspired and with a deeper sense of understanding of themselves and their situation.
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