Fernanda Jordão Magalhães Coach, Facilitator & Thinking Partnership Teacher
Mobile: +55 11 996119666
E-mail: nanda.jordao@yahoo.com.br
Address: São Paulo

I work as an IT systems and projects manager and I have the opportunity to work in a company where one of the pillars is the care and attention with the human being. Within this context I did some courses and training in collaborative management, self-knowledge and awareness expansion in the last 7 years.

Two years ago I had contact with Thinking environment, also in this company, and in my opinion is a very easy and simple way to bring to the day to day business, I consider a powerful tool to work development on all fronts.

At this moment I just became a facilitator and I use all the components constantly and also the applications in meetings and in the day to day.

In my opinion, the important thing is to be thinking environment and to be an example to show to the corporate world that it is possible to keep the 10 components present and for that, it is necessary for people to feel in a safe and reliable environment and the facilitator should help and create this environment so that thought flows and everyone participates equally.

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