Fiona Brennan-Scott Coach
Telephone: +44 7780 856 043
Mobile: +44 7780 856 043
Organisation: BESPOKEN
Address: Harwell, Oxfordshire

“All is drama for drama is doing” Peter Slade

This was a standout quote remembered from my studies, designed to reinvent myself as a Speech and Drama teacher after 10 years in the corporate world. Following the joy of running 3 studios in two countries, I came to a decision to specialise in the business world with effective communication in interviews, meetings and presentations. However, the term ‘teacher’ needed to change and so started the quest for a coaching model that enhanced my Voice and Speech Coach work.

“Everything we do begins with the thinking we do first” Nancy Kline

Introduced to ‘Time to Think’ by a practitioner and embodiment of the Ten Components, it was soon clear that BESPOKEN could use the Time to Think Methodology as a delicate framework to underpin all the work we do, whether coaching, training or keynote speaking.

“During the pause, the meaning goes on” Joan Lee

This is a powerful expression in using pause to effectively communicate. The use of pauses and waves makes the Thinking Environment perfect in marrying communication with self to communicating with others. At BESPOKEN, we support current and future leaders to step up and speak out with confidence, connecting with themselves and engaging their audiences.

I currently work from my home office in South Oxfordshire with a wide variety of value-based and faith-based organisations and individuals. My clients are both national and international. I have a lifelong love of people. I love to hear their thinking and their stories. And I love to see transformation, liberation, and growth.

“Never underestimate your ability to enhance and influence the lives of others” Fiona Brennan-Scott

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