Florentina Nacu Coach
E-mail: florentina.nacu@mail.mcgill.ca
Florentina’s journey as a coach has started in 2019 when, she has decided to do and be more for herself, her family, friends, co-workers and for the world. She was walking the path of self-discovery for a while, hitting walls and jumping hurdles, looking for a key which would unlock all the doors. The meeting with the Thinking Environment and Nancy Kline’s work was like going back to school. She was challenged, had her own thinking ignited and transformed, seeing the possibilities where before there was only frustration.
She starts this journey with a special kind of knowing: as human beings, in order to be able to flourish, to dream and to create possibilities, to be free to be and act, we need to put the past where it belongs so there are no limiting assumptions, preconceived ideas and decisions in our future. This requires work, desire and most importantly, space to think for ourselves, free of interruption – elements which only the Thinking Environment can offer so powerfully.
Florentina loves people and every Thinking Session she completes is like a gift that keeps on giving, both for her client and herself.
She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and International Development and a Graduate Degree in Public Relations and Communication and is fascinated by how neuroscience can support coaching. She wants to leave behind a less burdened world, one Thinking Session at a time.
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