Geri McKenna

Geri McKenna
Telephone: +44 7950 402013
Mobile: +44 7950 402013
Address: London SE22
Country: UK
Profile: Geri is a London based accredited coach, change consultant and Time to Think facilitator, supporting individuals and organisations through the complexity and uncertainty of transitions and change. Geri is passionate about transformation, and is motivated by wanting to make a difference, nurture talent in teams and offer a client centric outcome focused service. Geri has over 15 years’ experience of leading teams to develop and deliver strategic programmes of transformation and organisational change in complex and financially challenging environments spanning the not-for- profit sector, local government and the NHS. Geri’s work as a change consultant and facilitator offers her an invaluable insight into how organisations operate, their culture and behaviours and how people and teams experience change. She has extensive experience of working with groups at all levels of an organisation, co-designing workshops and creating spaces for groups to think together, build trust, collaborate and realise a higher quality creative outcome.
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