Gesa Gordon Coach & Facilitator
Telephone: +49 173 320 8458
Mobile: +49 173 320 8458
Address: Berlin, Germany

Gesa earned her PhD in sociology at the Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main. Initially her work focussed on curiosity and innovation, later on being the base for her work in leadership and organizational development. Concentrating on operational challenges, she worked several years as a management consultant and in management positions in the public and the scientific sector. She has a wide range of experiences in industry, politics and science. In the work with individuals, companies and organizations, permitting her in assisting to widen perspectives.

Since 2015 she knows the approach of Nancy Kline. To Gesa the ‘thinking environment’ embraces ideally a clear, appreciative and efficient ‘way of being’ in individual and organizational processes. Thinking independently, being the key, leaving well-known path-dependencies behind and finding new opportunities is the base of her work. As well in the public as in the private sector. It offers to her the optimal way of working with focus on the three aspects of sustainability in terms of the economical, ecological and social perspectives.

Whilst being talented at creating a ‘thinking environment’ her way of supporting clients nurtures courageous fresh challenges. This specific idea of working enables vivid, creative and powerful answers to actual questions and purpose driven tasks. Gesa’s careful consideration of the dynamics of group behaviour assists in creating the best possible work place culture and empowers everyone to optimise their potential.

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