Grainne Delaney Facilitator
Telephone: +31 612977017
Mobile: +44 7563186615
Website 2:
Organisation: Inresonance Coaching
Address: Uk & The Netherlands

I founded ‘In Resonance’ as my coaching practice to bring together my background in psychology and theatre performance, my years of being an educator in communication skills and my extensive experience in corporate training, assessment & development programs.

While bringing up a family, I followed my love of physical expression and mastery of the body, by retraining as a Physiotherapist and becoming an Aikido Sensei; but quickly realized it was more to keep my sanity.

I aim to form an (w)holistic awareness in myself, and in my approach to others, that includes the calm mind, the wisdom of the body and the emerging story.

Sometimes I succeed.

As an educator, trainer and coach, I love working with professionals who want to reach the next level in their leadership journey, or diverse teams who have to trust each other quickly to achieve success. I help you clarify the story you want to share with others, the story you tell yourself, and how you want to embody your message and values.

My best work happens when I can bring my creative fire and sense of fun to interactions and workshops.

Most recently I bring the Thinking Environment principles as a Time To Think Facilitator to my Storytelling, Into The Light courses and Online Pitching Masterclasses, to insist on inclusivity, equality, and appreciation of difference in all interactions, particularly when storylistening.

It has worked so well, that my current focus is on how the Thinking Environment can support DEI initiatives in closing the gap between policy and practice, to create more psychological safety and a deeper sense of belonging to daily, work environments.

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