Gunilla Strömberg Pettersson Coach
Telephone: +46 87 476 543
Mobile: +46 70 410 8566
Address: Franckes väg, Saltsjö-Boo

Gunilla Strömberg Pettersson is a Time To Think Coach. Gunilla is an economist with a background in natural sciences. She has worked with business development and sustainability issues in the logistics industry, and since 2007 she is the head of administration at conference and spa hotel Skepparholmen Nacka, a diverse job that she absolutely loves. After qualifying as a Time To Think Coach, Gunilla continues to strive to be a Thinking Environment for herself and the people around her. ” Deep in the woods, there is an unexpected clearing that can only be found by those who have gone astray. ” So reads the opening line of a poem by Tomas Tranströmer. The poem describes a hiker who penetrates the thorny thickets of a dense forest and as a reward unexpectedly reaches an open glade with grass that is “green and alive.” In the glade, the hiker experiences something that brings up thoughts from the unconscious and opens a new awareness. This is my experience of a Thinking Session. Here are some of the things I have learned so far. Time exists in order that everything should not happen at once. Carpe diem. Don’t let plans stand in the way of the here and now. Have faith in your brain’s ability to deal with life as it happens. • Silence is crucial. The brain works better if it does not have to listen to all the chatter. • Stop thinking “outside the box”. Don’t let the box get into your brain. • Thinking alone is fine, but an active listener is much better. • Freedom of expression is a human right. But what use is freedom of expression if we don’t think independently? • A Thinking Session is like putting yourself on a mountain with a great view, overview, peace and potential energy. • By thinking together, you start to like each other more, it is inevitable. What now? I will continue to make use of all opportunities for Thinking Sessions at work, in the family and with friends. But to develop my abilities in creating a Thinking Environment and to give wider circulation to what I have learned I also want to meet and think with new people. Time to Think has reprogrammed my brain. Time will show the results. So please contact me, and we will see what it leads to.

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