Hanna Wetterstrand Facilitator
Telephone: +46 73 707 8608
E-mail: hanna.wetterstrand@su.se

Hanna Wetterstrand has worked with environmental and development issues through out her carrier. I have worked many years with integrating environmental and climate change related issues to the development work of an development aid organisation. Now I work at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, a transdisciplinary research centre focusing around social-ecological systems and resilience. I work in the interface of policy, science and practice, where much change has to occur within people, their values, believes and attitudes in order to reach a more sustainable future for people and the planet. These working experiences have made me having to reflect much upon how to influence the mind set of people and finding ways through which people get motivated to bring in and consider the impact on the environment of their activities, but also better understand how environmental issues such as climate change impact our lives. I am convinced that by creating more Thinking Enviroment, treating one another more equal, and giving each other time to develop our thinking, we also be better at finding more long term sustainable solutions to environmental issues, and start living more with the environment rather than against it. A world with less competition and more cooperation, less fighting and more caring, less sympathy and more empathy, less distrust and more trust is crucial for humanities fate on Earth.

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