Hazel Morley Emergent Faculty (Consultant, Teacher, Coach, Facilitator)
Telephone: +1 604 848 8731
Mobile: +1 604 848 8731
E-mail: morleyhazel@gmail.com
Website: www.hazelmorley.com
Address: British Columbia

My career in training & development has spanned almost 30 years (that’s a giveaway ;0). It began with product knowledge training for a corporate Pharmaceutical & Beauty Retailer and morphed into a successful freelance business, offering interpersonal skills solutions to organisations. I was honoured to work with a range of clients from Corporates to SMEs and Non-profit, with teams and individuals, in a variety of industry sectors. In 2003 I discovered Nancy Kline and Time to Think and enrolled in a Thinking Partnership programme that led to qualifying as a Consultant, Facilitator and Coach. What a gift that was, to learn how to listen so profoundly, that it transforms another’s thinking and therefore, potentially, their life. Creating this kind of Thinking Environment is akin to lighting a firework and then standing aside to watch, with fascination, the sparks burst and fly to create the most brilliant patterns and unique display.

This quality of uninterrupted thinking time shifted my dream of living in the mountains to reality. In 2009 I relocated from the UK to beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Personal life experiences, and the privilege of working with others as they share their challenges and goals, keep me intrigued by the power of the mind-body-lifestyle connection and committed to using the Time to Think principles as the foundation for my work. It is always fascinating to bear silent witness to those ‘a-ha’ moments of discovery and the spark of creativity that surges from the mind when it is given the right environment in which to flourish.

If you are curious about the benefits and rewards of building a Thinking Environment Culture for your team or immersing yourself in uninterrupted thinking time to enable your most brilliant self to show up, let’s connect.

Please visit mine and Gülcan Telci’s video about the Thinking Environment for leaders –
How To lead With Impact

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