Jean-Paul Nauwelaers Facilitator
Telephone: +32 477 285103
Mobile: +32 477 285103

In Stanwick I am one of the Managing Partners who consults organizations in the area of management of change, organizational design, team development, innovative organizational design (IAO) and the implementation of project management.
I am experienced in consulting and facilitation of change processes in an international environment and spend several years in an operational management role in the petrochemical sector. I am holding a Master Degree in Chemical Engineering (option Biochemistry) and a Postgraduate Total Quality Management and Safety Management.

My areas of expertise are: facilitating change processes, implementing and teaching project management, implementation of autonomous teams, individual and team coaching. Most recently I specialize in Personal Energy management (both teaching and personal coaching).

I am recognized as a trustworthy, diplomatic individual who can be relied upon. I am valued for my ability to get results in a way that is acceptable to all and in line with the agreed goals. My overall working style is one of getting the best out of people and a propensity for taking an interest in, and caring for, others. I am a certified Belbin team role assessor (Belbin Institute, UK), certified MBTI facilitator & assessor (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) at OPP (Oxford Psychologists Press, UK) and a Project Management Professional (PMP). I am a certified coach at the School for Coaching & Leadership and Active Facilitator “Corporate Athlete technology” (personal energy management). I am a certified Senior Advisor Innovative Work Organization (IAO) by Flanders Synergy. Recently I qualified as a Time to Think facilitator.

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