Jo Shuttlewood Consultant, Coach & Facilitator
Address: Leek, Staffs, ST13 8AF

Jo Shuttlewood has been described as a having ???????dynamism with heart???????.

The Thinking Environment has strongly influenced her work and has inspired part of her Growth Leadership Model. She has run her own leadership, coaching and consultancy business since 2003. Her particular skill and passion is to create meaningful learning experiences that are elegantly learner centred. Her ambition is to engender confidence, empowerment and engagement with all those she shares her working life with.
Jo is a Time To Think Consultant and Teacher and an active member of the Thinking Environment Collegiate. She cherishes being part of a network that truly embraces inclusive, egoless thinking.

Clients speak of events lead by Jo as ???????like breathing extra oxygen??????? and of her coaching as ???????transformational???????.

Jo offers the Thinking Partnership and Foundation Programmes from her home in North Staffordshire. Jo has crafted a ???????Just One Day???????? event which is a launch for the longer programmes. She would welcome your curiosity whether you want to work in person or virtually.

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