Juanitill Pettus Coach
Telephone: +27 83 583 6172
E-mail: pettusjuanitill38@gmail.com

Juanitill is a trained facilitator, mentor and coach and her purpose in life is to be someone’s someone. As a youth development professional she has been able to use her skills to facilitate the personal transformation of 100s of young people over her 9 years of experience and she is always on the look out for the next opportunity to be someone’s someone. Besides her work in the youth development sector she also designs and facilitates leadership training for students from the top universities in South Africa. Her personal story is one of endless possibility and she is on a mission to multiply that story in the lives of as many young people as possible. She believes that her work will contribute towards making the world more equal for more people and ultimately each person she engages with will experience more freedom.

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