Kate Howsley Consultants (Teacher, Coach, Coach Supervisor, Facilitator)
Telephone: +44 7875 813741
Mobile: +44 7875 813741
E-mail: hello@thebusinessofthinking.co.uk
Website: www.thebusinessofthinking.co.uk
Address: Manchester

Kate is a Thinking Environment Coach, Facilitator, Consultant and Thinking Partnership Teacher. She is a qualified coach and coach supervisor with more than 3000 coaching hours’ experience and a masters degree in Organisation and People Development. Kate has a blue chip track record as an HR Director for UKI and Organisation Development Director working internationally. She became a full time Coach, Facilitator and Leadership Development Consultant 14 years ago and has been working in the Thinking Environment for the last 4. Kate is ardent about extending the effectiveness, power, positivity and sheer joy of the Thinking Environment to as many people as possible especially in her beloved Manchester and the north west and is working with colleague Sara Barrie to do just that.

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