Katherine Bassey Facilitator
Telephone: +44 7816 615605
Mobile: +44 7816 615605
E-mail: katherinebassey@gmail.com
Website: http://www.katherinebassey.com
Address: London

Katherine Bassey is an accredited executive coach, coaching supervisor and Time to Think facilitator.  An experienced organisational development practitioner, formerly Head of Staff Engagement & Innovation for Unison, Katherine specialises in leadership development, individual coaching and action learning.  Katherine works closely with Engage for Success, the social movement committed to ‘shining a light’ on best practice in employee engagement across all sectors – currently chairing a forum to explore the role of internal coaching in employee engagement.   She also coaches with the New Entrepreneurs Foundation.  Katherine supports compassion, collaboration and creativity at work, drawing on Time to Think practice, to offer profound opportunities to deepen thinking with people in all areas of her practice

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