Kathy Toogood Coach & Facilitator
Telephone: +44 1234 269400
Mobile: +44 7979 967336
E-mail: Kathy@sfleadership.co.uk
Website: http://www.sfleadership.co.uk

Kathy is a highly experienced facilitator, trainer and coach, and an accredited Time to Think facilitator. Much of Kathy’s work with leaders and teams in both private and public sector organisations focuses on helping people build strengths that will enable them to achieve high performance for themselves and through their teams. She stands out for her consistently effective coaching and facilitation that is empathetic, stimulating, motivational and practical.
The Thinking Environment approach is one that she finds extremely valuable in enabling leaders and teams to contribute their best and most creative thinking, and decide on actions that will achieve significant results.
Kathy is an experienced Personnel and Training Professional, with more than 13 years’ senior retail management experience for leading companies including Marks and Spencer plc. She has subsequently spent over 17 years in a coaching, training and consulting role, working for an impressive range of organisations spanning finance, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, utilities, service industries and the public and charitable sectors.
Kathy recently co-authored with Mike Roarty ‘The Strengths-focused Guide to Leadership’ published by Pearson FT. She is co-owner of Strengths Focused Leadership Ltd and is also Director of Clearly Inspired Ltd

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