Katie Light Coach
Mobile: +44 7554 03070
E-mail: katie@thelighttechnique.com
Website: www.thelighttechnique.com
With over 30 years experience, Katie has the skill set to rapidly see and hear what you need with her advanced techniques as a wellness therapist and coach. Katie is the founder of the Light Technique, combining her approaches of mind and body therapies that include coaching, breathwork, body work and holistic facials.  
Throughout her personal journey, she has learnt a lot of life lessons along the way. Learning to face her fears, listen without judgement, finding and speaking her truth and living with a chronic illness. This led her to explore a more holistic 360° approach, finding a deeper connection between the body, mind and emotions. Katie is an intuitive listener and holds a safe space to encourage confidence and belief that each individual has the skills and knowledge within themselves to create change, growth and transformation. 
Katie is passionate about empowering each individual to be the best versions of themselves, creating the life they truly desire. Katie qualified as a Time Think Coach in 2021 and is truly committed to listen, inspire and encourage, taking her clients on a journey of discovery in a nurturing and safe environment. 


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