Kristina Crabbe Coach, Facilitator, Thinking Partnership Teacher
Telephone: +44 771 429 1907
Mobile: +44 771 429 1907
Address: Oxfordshire

Kristina is an executive coach and coaching supervisor focused on individual, team and organisational development. Her approach is grounded in reflective practice with the Thinking Environment, the Singular Purpose for all, and working with assumptions at the core of her work.

Earlier in her career she held a number of HR leadership roles in global technology and pharmaceutical organisations and several early stage technology companies. Her business and coaching experience combines corporate and growth SME.

She completed both her MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change and the CSA????????s diploma in Coaching Supervision several years ago and combines findings from practice and research throughout her work.

From her experience and practice of Nancy????????s work, ????????The system of being in the Thinking Environment???????? brings growth, joy and well being in our work and at home.

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