Laura Williams Faculty (Consultant, Teacher, Coach, Facilitator)
Telephone: +44 7956 603936
Mobile: +44 7956 603936
Address: London NW6

Laura is a Thinking Environment Coach, Facilitator and Consultant. She discovered the power of coaching through a realisation that her job was not aligned with her passions, and made a decision to discover where she would find most energy at work. This led her to train as a coach herself and she wants to share the empowerment of thinking for yourself with others. She is passionate about ensuring that individuals both within and outside of organisations have the opportunity to think well and so realise their potential, discover and live their values and play to their strengths, which brings motivation, energy and fulfilment. She works at an individual and organisational level with a diverse range of clients including ASDA, the New Entrepreneurs Foundation and Green Alliance. She has natural ease and presence which holds huge advantage in both one on one and group work, combined with an excellent communication style, deep empathy and clarity of thought. Laura lives and works in London and works mainly with small to medium businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals between 16-35. She owns the thinking well, a small consultancy embodying her values.

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