Lisa Swanson Coach
Mobile: +44 7484 243203
Organisation: Insight Coach Consultancy

At the time I was introduced to Time to Think, I had trained and worked with various coaching and therapy disciplines over the previous 7 years. I was working with adults and children, primarily with change and resiliency, as well as business/project consulting with a growing technology company.  The Thinking Environment made so much sense, it was like I had known it all my life, and also not at all!

With a 30 year career/background in fast-paced Investments Banks and continually evolving change projects, I can now see that when I was at my best I naturally embodied the TE. When I lost my way and got urgent, reactive and lived in my head, I burnt out.

Learning the Thinking Environment liberated my mind to be and do with more ease and clarity. It spoke to all aspects of my life, guiding me and reminding me how to be at my best with others and myself.

Time to Think was a missing link in my understanding of the human mind, bringing together all my coach learnings and life experiences.

Today I work with clients, in person and virtually, who need support with Change in their lives. Clients who are looking for clarity, courage, compassion, confidence for the changes they are facing through choice or otherwise.

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