Liz Cook Coach
Telephone: +44 191 7164291
Mobile: +44 7739 179208
Address: Newcastle upon Tyne

I am building on a successful career as an HR and Learning & Development professional for Marks and Spencer and Fenwick Ltd.  Over 37 years I have developed my expertise and gained extensive experience as a manager and as a senior manager in coaching, recruitment, customer service, performance management and people development. Most recently as a management and leadership manager and trainer.
I decided to become a self-employed Coach and Facilitator 2 years ago.

Since 2020 I have been providing career coaching to corporate clients as well as coaching personal clients.  I enjoy one-to-one coaching both in person and online. I also enjoy facilitating interactive, online and face to face group training, which I deliver to, and on behalf of a number of businesses in the private and public sector.

Throughout my career as a manager, coach and trainer, my focus has been helping individuals to unlock their full potential, developing and growing to be the best individual and leader they can be.

Training to become, and qualifying as, a Time to Think Coach seemed to be a perfect opportunity for me to develop as an individual. The ideology and the ten components of The Thinking Environment gel perfectly with my approach to coaching; that of being a generative listener while engaging with others, with the sole aim of encouraging my clients to think independently as far as, and for as long as, possible.

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