Louise Walton Coach
Telephone: +27 82 375 8297
Mobile: +27 82 375 8297
E-mail: louise.walton@sanlam.co.za
Address: Cape Town

Change Facilitator and Coach

University of Cape Town
Bachelor of Business Sciences (Honours in Information Systems) [1992-1995]

Thinking Environment and Thinking Partnership Session Nancy Kline [2017] Time To Think Coach and Collegiate Member

My corporate experience with facilitating change has honed my skills and fuelled my drive to provide an environment that encourages individuals to ignite their impact by harnessing their strengths and unique energy. Systemic forces at work and at home can make it hard for one to ‘fly’. I believe that a supportive environment, that believes in your natural gifts and allows possibility to shine the light on limiting assumptions; can give one permission to live one’s birth right and feel fulfilled.

I believe that change starts with each individual and their world view and therefore personal mastery, as well as our interactions with others, are the ingredients to transformation. My experiences have taught me the value of a ‘sense and respond’ approach to a more fulfilled career because every situation is unique. Starting close-in with me, your Thinking Environment coach, can reveal possibilities. I provide a calm presence and offer encouragement and appreciation for individuals eager to do the heavy-lifting and introspection that developing one’s own capability requires. I notice unique talents and opportunities that relationships offer; this has strengthened my belief in the power of relational and emotional resilience, combined with thinking independently.

I find inspiration for my own model of change practice from, amongst others:

– Time to Think (Nancy Kline)

– Theory U (C.Otto Scharmer)

– Conscious Embodiment (Wendy

– Mindfulness (Linda Kantor)

– Change (Margaret Wheatley)

– Collaborative ChangeWorks (Beth
Jandernoa and Glennifer

– Meeting the Challenge of
Complexity (Ralph Stacey)

– Sandy Scott’s (Capability Development Manager) mentorship and guidance

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