Lynne Philp Consultant (Facilitator, Coach, Teacher)
Telephone: +44 782 4662733
Mobile: +44 782 4662733

Lynne has experienced first hand the transformational and liberating effects of thinking independently. Having started her journey with the Thinking Environment in 2012, when she first met Nancy Kline on a river barge in Streatlely-on-Thames in England, Lynne has become more and more struck by how something as gentle as a Thinking Environment can, at the same time, create such deep and powerful transformation. She has had several occasions of facing some of her own, life-long limiting assumptions of fear of failure and low self-esteem and replacing them, once and for all, with assumptions which have liberated her from being held back. Nancy Kline calls these limiting assumptions “hard core and dangerous” and Lynne agrees wholeheartedly with Nancy’s description. “These limiting assumptions, lurk in the deep, murky waters of our mind, keeping us stuck in one place, almost like shackles of the mind” Lynne says. “It’s only when you face them, with the encouragement and specialist expertise of a Thinking Environment Coach, that you can see how they hold you back from being amazing and living an amazing life”.

Lynne loves working with people and helping them see that when we are given the chance, the encouragement the space and time to think, we are all so much more capable of creating our own answers, without the need to depend on other people for answers or direction. She thrives on watching clients gradually unleash their inner confidence, discover their determination and decide to boldly stand up, be counted and create.

“Watching a client think and grow, is like seeing a bird leave their nest for the very first time when they find their wings and start to fly”.

If you want to find your own wings and would like Lynne to support, encourage and inspire you, please contact her at or on 0782 4662733.

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