Malene Klit Coach
Mobile: +49 1624201615
Having worked in both software development and talent management (Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Education and Management), I’ve seen firsthand how powerful clear and independent thinking can be in a professional setting. This realisation sparked my passion to support people and organisations in tapping into their own thinking to reach their full potential.
I believe that we all possess our own unique strengths and that we all have something we stand for, something we believe in, and something we’re good at, which can be discovered and strengthened within the Thinking Environment.
Whether it’s overcoming limiting assumptions or clarifying the fine details or the big picture in business, I am here to guide my clients to their best thinking and support them in their goals on a personal or professional level. As someone who identifies as LGBTIQ+, I am also passionate about helping individuals navigate the discovery and identity process.
I offer Thinking Environment sessions in English, German and Danish so that my clients can comfortably think in their preferred language. This way, they can feel comfortable, understood, and confident in their own thought processes.
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