Marcelo Castilho Facilitator
Telephone: +55 41 996695424
Mobile: +55 41 996695424
Address: Curtibia

Marcelo Castilho is a researcher and consulting innovation and collaboration professional, mainly in the context of collaboration challenges of an ever changing innovation minsdset. Marcelo helps professionals and companies develop new skills, processes and systems in order to deal with uncertainties and increasing complexity. He works mainly with ideation processes, linked with organizational development and innovation management. He also works in the field of happiness and wellbeing, both in education and consultancy.

He undertook a 25-year career as a design expert and manager of high performance creative teams, where he developed deep knowledge of strategic innovation, project management and product design. He has been involved since 2009 with several in company collaborative innovation training programs. He also works in the field of happiness and wellbeing, both in education and consultancy.

He is a PhD candidate in business focused on ecosystems thinking, to be concluded in 2021. He holds a Masters of Arts in Design from Coventry University, UK. He also holds a certification by Metaintegral / Chie in integral leadership, a facilitating leader course from Adigo Consultores and a conflict mediation certification by Trigon, Germany.

Marcelo uses his own set of industrial design methodologies, as well as a collaboration model developed as a researcher in business innovation. He is currently researching how collaboration actually relates to ecosystems and how happiness can boost innovation performance. He uses his knowledge of thinking environment as an organizational consultant. He creates ans delivers workshops and experiences for leaders and teams. He is also an experienced moderator of group processes and facilitator, using a range of cutting-edge methods.
Marcelo also gives lectures and classes on innovation and design thinking and is a co-author of books in the fields of leadership, collaboration and design. He recently released the book `Being Collective- Connections with Purpose.`

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